Dump Life with Toxic Roots

Toxic Roots was inspired by living 20+ years in a neighborhood built on top of a former WWII military dumpsite in the South Patrick Shores area of Satellite Beach, Florida.

After watching those around us affected by unknown issues and facing my own Toxic Roots, the concept of Toxic Roots has evolved to represent those Toxic aspects of our lives that stem from physical, emotional, environmental, or traumatic events in our lives that shape who we are.

My goal is not to make light of serious issues, but to to highlight them with art, humor, and a dash of sarcasm so that we can all chart a course forward.

Life is Toxic. Admit it. Embrace it. Live Toxic.
South Patrick Shores Dump

Florida's Little Beachside Dump

Nestled on the East Coast of Florida and footsteps from the Atlantic Ocean and Banana River is the neighborhood of South Patrick Shores in Satellite Beach. Our Toxic Paradise is built upon the former dumpsite for the Naval Air Station (NAS) Banana River which is now Patrick Space Force Base.

After decades of unexplained cancer clusters, the US Army Corps of Engineers is finally declared us the Naval Air Station Banana River Off-Base Disposal Area Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS). You can read more about it.

Water contamination from modern day chemicals like Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances, otherwise known as PFAS, have now become a larger problem. These contaminates are possibly related to firefighting foams used on Patrick AFB and are found in elevated levels in the groundwater, Banana River, Indian River Lagoon, and even in the ocean offshore.

Featured Products

Frankentiki Enamel Pin

The Frankentiki Soft Enamel Pin is approximately 1 3/4 inches x 3/4 inches and has the standard pin back with two pins for stability.

Roots Surfer Framed

Born into a Toxic Paradise the Roots Surfer Tee is ready to head to the beach and look for some bomber sets. This is the graphic that spawned it all when a small seed was planted by the owner of the world's best dog and volunteer extraordinaire. Screen print on acrylic painted board. Framed in recycled fence pickets (Yes, those ones you put on the curb). About 5 x 7 inches overall.

Bride of Frankentiki Souvenir Tray

As we have traveled the country, we always hit those tacky roadside shops that scream snow globes and miniature collectible spoons. Whenever we see a classic style tray, we pick them up and add to our collection. Who doesn't need a tray after witnessing the World's Largest Prairie Dog? The tray itself is a Cambro Camtray which is the worldwide industry standard for high-impact fiberglass cafeteria style trays since the 1950's. Tray measures 6" x 4 1/4".

Moai Collage

Paper collage on canvas with archival UV protective coating. Framed in recycled fence pickets (Yes, those ones you put on the curb). Canvas size is 16 x 20 inches.