About Toxic Roots

About Toxic Roots

Short Version

We all have Toxic baggage. Physical, emotional, environmental, or traumatic these Toxic Roots shape who we are. Our goal is to highlight these issues through art, humor, and a dash of sarcasm.

Long Version

Life is Toxic. Admit it, most of us have issues or at least a cosmetic bag size of baggage. Large or small we tend to let our Toxic baggage keep us from moving forward or at least in one direction in life.

We become Toxic by choice or it can be forced upon us at a young age. Toxic is dealing with emotional or traumatic experiences from childhood. Toxic is environmental conditions that makes us sick. Toxic is dealing with mental health issues. Toxic is dealing with the results of traumatic injuries or experiences. Toxic is dealing with the scars of military service. Toxic is struggling with addictions. Toxic is trying to cope with physical or emotional abuse. Toxic is just trying to make it through the day.

For over 20 years our family has lived on top of a WWII dump just south of Patrick Space Force Base (PSFB) on the Atlantic coast of Florida in the South Patrick Shores neighborhood of Satellite Beach. Technically it's called the Naval Air Station Banana River Off-Base Disposal Area Formerly Used Defense Site (FUDS). (read more) It's a lot to say, but it's still means it was just a military dump. When it rains pieces of glass float to the surface, dig a hole and there's a chance you may hit airplane parts, an airplane wing may collapse your foundation, and if you're lucky like my son you might even score some bullet casings.

We have lived, talked, and drank heavily with some of the people most affected with serious medical conditions in our neighborhood. I consulted a few of these friends and neighbors before I started this project. They are OK with it, so you should be too. It is what it is, so we just have to deal with it and keep moving forward I was told by them.

Embrace it and lets all have a little fun without a hidden agenda. Besides, I really need to buy a new pair of socks. No, seriously I do.

Life is Toxic. Embrace it. Live Toxic.

Our Artwork

Toxic Roots is a husband and wife collaborative. One a graphic designer specializing in screen printing and the other a collage artist. Our primary themes are surf, skate, tiki, military, and beach life. We have the ability to cater our setup and inventory to a wide variety of audiences.

All designs and artwork are our own creation and we try real hard to not to copy anyone or make cheesy rip-offs just to make money. We try to make everything ourselves if we possibly can, with a few exceptions for things like patches and embroidered items. All t-shirts are hand screen printed in our garage.

What is a boodapotamus

You may notice your artwork signed or credit card charged by some form of "boodapotamus". After scratching your head for some time, you might figure it out. It's short for Boodapotamus Productions and is more or less an umbrella company for just about anyway of making money under the sun. It was inspired by a former dog that just looked and acted like a big boodapotamus at times. read more

Veteran Owned Business

Toxic Roots is certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business with the US Small Business Administration and as a Veteran Owned business in the State of Florida.