Frankentiki Framed

Frankentiki was brought to life during a long night of Rum Barrels and Mai Tais. Ever on the hunt for his next rum fix. Two color screen print on acrylic painted board. Framed in recycled fence pickets (Yes, those ones you put on the curb). About 5 x 7 inches overall.
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Frankentiki Luau Tee

Figured it was about time Frankentiki got a woman, so I created one. (No pun intended) Now you’re all invited to the Frankentiki family luau! Join them and their weirdo friends on their very own haunted island. Watch out cause I hear she can hold her own against his rum drinking. Word is she prefers a good Painkiller rather than Rum Barrels. Hand pulled water based ink on a Next Level 60% cotton and 40% polyester tee.